Vegetable Collection

Vegetable Collection


Set includes:

1 x Felt Leek, 1 x Felt Carrot, 2 x Felt Mushrooms, 1 x Felt Tomato, 6 x Felt Runner Beans, 2 x Felt Potatoes,1 x Mini Jute Shopping Bag

This Vegetable Collection comes with its own shoping bag, perfect for carrying the felt food around and keeping everything nice and tidy!

Shopping Bag measures approximately 20 x 20 x 12 cm


Most of these items have been largely machine stitched for neatness and durability although each item does have some hand stitched items or details.

Washing instructions: Spot wash gently and allow to air dry
Please retain the tag that comes with this product for future reference.

The products in this set all carry the CE Mark and conform to EN71 - European Standard for Safety of Toys.
WARNING: This product is a Toy and not for consumption.